gary reeder
I believe it. We have folks bring guns in all the time with
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 18:42

live rounds stuck in the chamber. We first try to deactivate the round by slowly pushing a rod down the barrel pushing the bullet back into the case. If you hit the rod which hits the powder it can detonate the powder, which we found out badly on another gun. Just like when we were kids and stomped caps and they fired. Powder does the same thing when hit with enough pressure.

After pushing the bullet down into the case, opening up the neck, we then fill the barrel with oil and let it sit for a day or two. Then we try to lightly tap it out from the front. On one occasion after all this, we pointed the gun at our test barrel and pulled the trigger. The gun fired, or at least the primer fired although the powder just fizzled and smoked. But after 2 days soaking on oil the primer still fired. After it quit smoking we were able to tap the case out with a brass rod from the front.

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