I have a 410 GNR Stealth Hawk and
Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 18:09

words can’t adequately explain how much I love it. I shot a nice pig at a HHC in Tennessee with it using the 170 grain Sierra....although it may be on the light side for pigs, that 170 grain bullet dropped that pig on the spot. I’ve also shot several whitetail with it and most drop where they stand and none of the others took more than a few steps. That 170 grain Sierra performs way better than you may think. Judging by what I have seen based on how deer react when shot through the heart/lung area and what I have seen when dressing and processing the deer, it must deliver a terrific amount of shock in the vitals. Amazing is an understatement. If you place your shots where they belong with the right bullet, the 410 GNR will easily handle anything in the Lower 48.

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