Ya'll ve seen this picture before but boy a good one.
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 07:29

This was a rig Gary did for me and one of the most versatile. Capstick did a fanciful story, one of the few fiction pieces he didn't plagiarize. He spoke of a Blackhawk convertible in Africa he had. There was some BS about play with a Lion that he ended up not having to shoot with 158 gr. JHP, thankfully. Boy I'd not want to try that! But he remarked how valuable the gun was in a time of unsettling local management and the fact it could fire NATO ammo.

I guess that part of the story has some validity. This was a good idea for a custom. I can shoot 9mm, .38, .357, and .356 GNR to mimic .357 Maximum power. A good span and range.

The grips were an experiment, made from some resin the fakes took well to the Gunfighter treatment. They feel and fit great. Fool everyone, they always wrinkle their nose finding out they are fake stag. I might fix that one day. Gary can set you up with a .356 GNR real easy as well as extra cylinders for reasonable.


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