No one ever says anything about the safety notch
Monday, January 11, 2021, 22:27

The first click on Colts, Italians, and OM Rugers. That's what it was for. The actual notch is very robust and the hammer can't travel far from there. Of course it would take one heck of a jolt to break it free, that could fire anything anyway.

I think it derived from the old Cap & Ball days where you had notches or teats between cylinders holding both the hammer and cylinder in check away from the ready caps to fire. I much preferred the deep notches, a wonderful idea.

The very best hammer safety I ever saw was the Freedom Arms M97. Genius. But the old Colts (and like) handled carefully (never sweeping a living thing) with the cylinder full and a safety notch hammer catch will do. There is a cottage industry welding up the "middle" notch on Colts. Not sure why it lets go. I guess from abuse of full cock to there. Maybe Hollywood Fanning? I dunno.

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