The bullets we ordered came in...
Monday, January 11, 2021, 19:51

I needed some bullets fast and these were inexpensive. I liked the heeled .323 bullets I previously purchased.

I purchased some to be used in .32 Long, .32 H&R, .327, and .32-20 handguns.

The longer FP is listed at 118 gr., the more squat SWC is a 100 gr. and the 98 gr. HBWC. The alloy seems on the soft side which is fine, and coated with what seems like a graphite lube material. I'm guessing there. All their bullets seem to be made in this manner. Cast and coated, I'm getting right at 0.312" diameter.


The 118 gr. has a 0.17" meplat and the 100 gr. about 0.22". For about 7% difference in weight the lengths, from base to crimp groove, run 0.387" (0.662" OAL) and 0.300" (0.548" OAL).

They look uniform and I plan on basically running these at moderate speeds from 700 - 1200 fps or so. *The loaded rounds are .32 L and Hornady HBWC.


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