Whoops, must be a Southern phenomena.
Monday, January 11, 2021, 15:11

For a long time they were the talk of the Coffee Shops. Supposedly the ultimate snake gun. I pattered some and found the shot density on paper is awful. Usually less than 100 pellets even with smaller shot. You could throw a chicken through the pattern unscathed at 10 yds. How would that do for a big Cottonmouth farther than 20 ft.?

It sounds good but in practice my testing was not all that hot. My .510 GNR custom shotshells walked all over them with it's own 1/2 oz. payload, to reasonable snake distances. It was a fun idea, the .410 revolver, that does not perform as well as one would hope. With .45 Colt loads it does passable but is no target gun.

My .410/.45 Contender barrel with the "spin stopping choke" actually does work to about 30 yds.! I shot dove with it, and a very unlucky squirrel or two. The big Red Fox squirrels took more than one shot! They are tough, twice the size of our little Grays.

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