I find the 85 gr. .410 slug a bit whimpy
Monday, January 11, 2021, 15:03

even if it is running around 1500 fps. It's not anywhere near .41 caliber either. A loose pea, in a pea shooter.

For a goof I cut through a 3" Remington #7-1/2 loaded round about 1/4" in front of the rather tall brass. Just through the plastic hull, not the wadding. It was ahead of the powder and under beginning of the wad and shot column. By golly it hit right on point of aim at 33 yds. and hit on end too, making a round hole. The entire 3/4 front of the loaded cartridge acted as it's own projectile until it smashed into the target at some 1300+ fps. It turned it into a heck of a nasty round. Something to remember in a pinch if you only have a box of .410 skeet loads to defend yourself with!

The old trick of "Cutting Shells" to hunt larger game works with .410 shotshells too. I tested it to be so!

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