Gary Reeder
to me the G-2 is the best frame TC ever made and
Monday, January 11, 2021, 11:41

when S&W bought them out the first thing the company did was drop the G-2. Finally good sense prevailed and they brought it back. The G-2 has the weight of the old Contender but nearly the strength of the Encore. The encore is super strong and best for the hot stuff. The encore is for the 454s, 475s 500s 510s etc., plus the big magnum rifle cartridges.

My gun battery for Africa in a couple of months (good Lord willing) will be the 450 GNR that I took my big Cape Buffalo with 2 years ago, plus the 416 GNR as a "just in case" pistol, both in the Encore plus the 310 GNR in the G-2 for the long shots at plains game.

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