read the empty on the loadings and
Monday, January 11, 2021, 10:56

to add to what Mr. Taffin said besides the lower pressures of the cartridges
on my 3rd Gen Colt it has a screw to hold the loading gate as does my Uberti. I have loosened just a little and added a slight amount of fingernail polish so the screw does not move. This made it easier to open. The Rugers use the flat spring. No proof or diss proof here, on if the gate hole gets wallered out.
heck I even load only 5 on my New Models cause of habit and used to Colts Old Models, FAs Ubertis But I hunt mostly.
I can see the theory plus screw VS flat spring. But,,, if I am doing range work I fill the cylinder. so I don’t worry.

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