I have a M64, same in stainless although
Sunday, October 18, 2020, 14:13

my S&W is later and has no pin above the barrel threads and the cylinder chambers are not recessed. I do not like a silver front sight but this one I can see ok. I have been tempted to "square butt" it myself to open more grip options. Hogue grips are by far the best feeling rubber type grips but they stick out a bunch. I prefer wood and I truly think the factory service stocks coupled with a Tyler T-grip adapter is about the best option.

I'd show you mine but I'd get fun poked at me. I've just not found the grip combination I like. My L-frame 686 RB has a set of prized Kim Ahrends stocks on it. I never, ever liked the S&W "target stocks".

The M10/64/65 is great. Just stoke it with a 158 gr. and go on with no worries.

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