I have a very nice custom one that chafes my neck somtimes
Friday, October 16, 2020, 16:26

One of my favorite designs was the old TC Contender "shoulder/chest" type leather holsters. It was basically a simple leather loop over one shoulder and a strap that clipped to the back then around your body to clip to a ring in the front. Nothing went around your neck and the strap held it on that shoulder. Light weight and super simple. I still have a couple and use them, they are great. I think a modernized version would be great for larger semi-autos including the 1911.

I use and truly like the old WWII/Vietnam Pilot chest rig. Mine is a china copy from real leather and canvas from Enay for around $30 a couple yrs. ago. Boyt still makes the original for something over $100. I massaged mine a little to hold not only all my K and L frame 4" but also my Redhawk .45 Colt 4". It's worth a look.


The other is the old TC shoulder rig I also sourced off Ebay and bought even though it's over 40 yrs. old. I indeed use it.


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