Gary Reeder
the latest update on Charlie Herf's daughter Allison
Thursday, October 15, 2020, 16:54

and her battle with cancer.

HELLO, everyone...Lindsay just returned last week from being with Allison during a working visit running errands, getting meals etc. ... Allison's cancer related medical appts.had to take a backseat the past 3 weeks due to the extensive dental work that Allison had to have done a.s.a.p....Allie had an unfortunate result from the 3 eight minute sessions of radiation that her doctors decided she needed to try to eliminate or minimize the 5 tumors that presented themselves in her last PET scan of 4 weeks ago...Allie's gums began to recede to dangerously low, after interviewing 3 dentists, she was able to decide on the endodontist that she hopes did a GOOD job of the root canal work that was necessary. There is one surgery remaining, the removal of one of her molars that started to grow into her jaw bone...A PET scan also revealed that one of the "spots" they thought was a tumor , was not a tumor.. it turned out to be a blood clot in her, that necessitated a blood thinner immediately... Allie went on Eliquis in between the dental work days...she will next need crowns covering all of the root canals..she will have another PET scan in 2 weeks and HOPEFULLY, the BLOOD CLOT will have dissolved. At that time , they will need to decide what to do with the remaining tumors...Allison makes a HUGE effort every day to remain POSITIVE and keep her thoughts focused on her life ahead and how she can, one day, return to her interior design work. She is going to "brand" it.."no contact interior design"..In the meantime, there are constant battles she has to fight regarding her insurance, what it will cover and what it won't. as she tries her very BEST to get this whole CANCER THING BEHIND HER..the whole COVID situation has made EVERYTHING more difficult ...but, Allison is a FIGHTER, as she has shown for almost 3 years now...the "thought" of her giving up has NEVER been on her is her address ..3429 Ray Street, San Diego, Ca., 92104..i know several of you attempted to donate on Allison's gofundme acct and were unable to process your donation... the Site was"updating" it's software and is now up and running..if you Google ""gofundme Allison Herf", IT WILL take you to her site... Hope you are all staying well and keeping busy with what life has to offer during these difficult times, Patti and i return to be with Allison on Oct.29th for a week..we THANK YOU for your continued prayers and GOOD WISHES for Allison.

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