Jim Taylor
Went to a local gun shop here in Oklahoma today ..
Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 19:32

They had a nice selection of guns. Lots of rifles and shotguns. Handguns were mostly revolvers and quite a few were what I class as "collectible" ... Colt SAA's .. all 1st and 2nd Generation ...S&W's .. early Model 17 I think it is? Later was called the K-frame .22? And FBI Model 10 .. some early Model 10's. I did not pay any attention to the modern guns so I cannot report on those.

Of the Colt SAA's he has a real nice 1st Generation 38-40, a .45 Colt 1st Generation that appears to be an armory rebuild ... 5 1/" barrel. He has a 2nd Generation 38 Special I wouldn't mind having but my credit card would not come out of my wallet for some reason. In fact I could not get my wallet out!

He has some ammo. My son-in-law bought some Remington Factory 30-30 ($15 a box of 20) and some 40 S&W ($25 a box). He has shotgun shells and other rifle and pistol ammo, though I did not look closely at calibers and prices.

Anyway we had a nice visit and got to look at some nice guns.

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