Gary Reeder
there must be a post on the internet that tells people that
Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 17:34

they can pre-order cases of ammo and pick them in a few days from your local gun shop. Colleen has had several calls this afternoon from people asking about this. They weren't too happy when Colleen told them somebody was smokin' dope. Today has been crazy day all day. A lot of people coming in wanting all the primers we have in stock, or all the pistol ammo we have on the shelves. They actually pulled the primers off the rack and set them on the showcase planning on buying all of them. Then they get highly ticked off when Colleen tells them not only no but hell no.

A guy was in earlier wanting me to order him one of the new Pythons and wanted a low serial number. I won't go into my answer to him. But it has been like this all day. I haven't been over at the gun shop but for just a few minutes today (my voice is almost totally gone) so no sense whispering to them. But I have heard Colleen telling them or trying to explain to them what the situation is. And it is amazing how many people come into the shop and have no idea about any shortages or where are all the guns.

Several of our larger distributors (gun shops have to buy thru distributors) have laid off sales people due to not having any product to sell.

I sure thank the Lord for all our custom gun orders. With two large binders full of orders we have plenty to do and most of the orders use the customer's base gun to start. Getting parts is still a major headache and one that sets the time frame back months. But most people understand.

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