New Swift Bullets that will interest many...
Saturday, August 01, 2020, 08:58

My understanding is Swift is introducing three new bullets that will interest many.

First will be a 32 Caliber 100 grn A-Frame. This should be fantastic in the 32-20, 327 Federal and 321 GNR. I'd be particularly interested for my Rifles in those calibers. It also would be a dandy one in my Ruger #1 7.62x39 too.

Next are two for the 10mm Crowd. A 180 and 200 grn are supposed to be available now. Of course, the first thing I thought was my 38-40s. Also, should be about perfect for the 401 GNR.

No doubt there will be some negative comments on these. But, I'm glad to see these made available.

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