Has been interesting watching regional ammo shortages...
Saturday, August 01, 2020, 03:39

Going strictly from reports I've gotten from known shops, not all ammo sales have been equal. Sure, all ammo sales are thru the roof. But, varies by region.

Here, the more rural shops sold out of shotgun ammo really quickly. This was especially true of Buckshot. I was lucky to find some yesterday. Everybody owns shotguns. So, quickest way to self defense is just buy Buckshot.

In the more densely populated area, handgun ammo is the more popular. I've talked to people in my shop who have made road trips just trying to find ammo. They've told me which shops they've been to and where they're headed next.

My LGS Manager told me yesterday that he is already having trouble getting the standard deer hunting ammo for this upcoming season. Suppose this is caused by manufacturers concentrating on which ammo is selling best?

I've tried to watch the trends, but it gets harder by the day. As people travel farther to buy ammo, it's hard to determine what sells best in any particular region.

The Misfits have been great on reporting data from their areas.

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