Midrange trajectory about 50 ft. ! lol
Friday, July 31, 2020, 21:14

A friend and I once walked our .22 LR rifles to impact onto a rock about the size of a small car, in the middle of a water filled shale pit. It was at least a half mile distance. I had my rifle stock under my armpit and was something like 100 yds. over the rock with my muzzle. (Remington 552 Speedmaster) It took a long time for the bullet to get there too. Several one-Mississippi's...

Doug: It was me and Steve Benton at Barnett lake, before they flooded it. After shooting a whole box of shells we walked down there. Took maybe 30 minutes from the top of the dam. When we got there a family with kids was swimming in the SAME hole. There we were, sheepishly carrying our rifles!

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