My Hi-Power was still giving me some trouble.
Friday, July 31, 2020, 07:09

There are several issues unique to the gun in fine tuning. Mine has the mag disconnect shoe removed. That removal keeps the trigger lifter in proper position all the time to engage the sear bar. If it were still there "no mag condition" pushes it out the the way. I've checked this and it seems all is functioning well.

My original concern was debris under the sear bar not letting it fully depress the sear block.

Problem - "my hammer is falling to the safety notch periodically rather than hitting the firing pin when the trigger is depressed"

It's clean and clear but it happened a couple times dry firing. I wish I could find the obvious issue, otherwise it will bother me awaiting it to do it again. I can't fully trust it until then.

The HP is John Browning and Euro mixed, enough to be a little stubborn sometimes. *Browning died in 1927 and the HP was adopted as the 1935 model.

GNR is one of the few who specializes in HP customization a bit. His full on custom package guns are a treat. I still don;t know how he manages that front sight dovetail. The HP "bushing" is a pressed part of the slide.

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