Grover Sr
I am just outside Montgomery, Al
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 19:59

We had a couple of peaceful demonstrations. Someone painted Black Lives Matter in front of the capital and the Governor had it painted over. A couple of older activists and a few whites were out there yesterday with spray paint trying to paint BLM and they were picked up by the police and later released. The guy and his wife are bumping 80 and are pretty feeble were just there to make a showing for the news I believe. Our neighborhood has about 150 houses, demographics are about standard for the state, app 40% of the households are black. My wife and I walk or ride bicycles everyday and everybody waves or speaks if close enough. Black or white, we all seem to just want to maintain our families and homes in peace. I think the out of control cities have backers for the demonstrators and some of the violence cuts across mostly thugs, criminals, antifa and Soros backed funding. Just my opinion.

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