I'm gonna stock up on some beans, rice, flour
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 19:54

corn meal, and get me a couple dozen more chickens on the way. Big Plymouth Rocks. I might go ahead and get a little stash of TP. We'll eventually use it. Maybe some more Goat meds, and syringes and needles too. It's the same as people medication in a bad pinch FWIW. Make your coat shine. (I keep castration bands and a spreader too, might need it)

One angle for milita organization is the union of the different churches, for defensive purposes. That is a rapid, ready made, path. I pass perhaps 10-12 other churches on the 10 mile drive to the one we attend. One has at least 1000 seemingly loyal members. Several members of our congregation, which is relatively small, is comprised of former Navy, Air Force and Army. Some, most actually, are old men, but they have unique knowledge and principals. They get tired easy so they make it count quickly and they all are too old to run.

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