RE: Gun Notes: Here in SW FL where I hang out
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 14:56

at the LGS in south Venice, The thoughts of the many retired LEOs, Veterans, current military on leave and active LEOs to who shoot at the range, all echo your warnings. It's definitely a lose/lose situation no matter who wins the election. ARs, Semi-auto handguns and the ammo to operate them get bought upon delivery. My neighborhood is full of old farts, but not the naive' variety. When the call to arms is obvious it will just be a matter of who is willing...

I hope that action is taken BEFORE the election by the Feds to stem any of whats happened in Seattle & Portland. Trump may see fit to put Fed. LEOs and/or troops in place where it's obvious. It's the RULES of ENGAGEMENT that will really matter. Will guns be fired and blood shed if necessary?

My personal rules of engagement have always been deadly force for any who would show it necessary. No hesitation, just a willingness to fight. Many talk fighting the good fight, some just don't have it in them, fear rules the day.
The few who are willing must take the fight to maintain a civilized society...rant finished.

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