It seems even my local source for primers is thinning
Thursday, July 30, 2020, 10:25

I hate cherry picking and pray my empathy blesses me on occasion. But I went back in and bought the last full carton of small pistol primers. (I left 5-6 boxes of 100 for my comrades) They are Federal Match, which I'm not picky, and didn't even know they made "pistol" match. The price was up 22% from two weeks ago.

All the small rifle primers were long gone. They still have shotshell #209 and some Large Rifle and LR Magnum caps. I can't remember if there were some LG Pistol mixed in the rifle stuff. There was absolutely no powder suitable for 5.56 in stock. Mostly slow pistol and slow rifle burn rate stuff. You CAN use magnum pistol powder for .300 AAC and 7.62x39 for those in the know.

Lots of other ammo seems to be thinning but there will always be some hunting calibers available. Defending your home with a .270 or .338 Mag. bolt gun is not the worst you could manage. I think folks will figure that out soon too. Small revolvers and autos are also flying off the shelves at a fair mark up here now also. FYI

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