Gary Reeder
everything is hard to find. Some gun powder is
Monday, June 29, 2020, 17:30

non existent as it comes from Australia and no imports are coming in. Primers are in short supply as the manufacturers have been shut down except for maybe one or 2 assembly lines. About half the firearms manufacturers are shut down or only have a skeleton crew working, especially the ones in the NE.

As soon as this crap started we stocked up and got about 20,000 rounds of 9mm and 45 ACP, almost that much 22 LR and Magnum and as much rifle ammo as was possible. So we haven't been hurting as much as a lot of shops. Even the big box stores here in town are almost out of everything.

It is crazy and I really don't see an end to all this. As we get closer to November the liberals and trouble makers will go wild trying to make Trump look bad. If Trump wins and I sure pray he does, the groups like BLM and Antifa will go ape shit. Nothing will be safe or out of bounds. I sure hope I am wrong but I really believe we have some bad times coming in the next 6 months, maybe longer. Whatever you use a lot of, stock up now if you can.

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